Monday, November 22, 2010


This piece is concerned with the forces at work in it the titanium plate is very stiff and pulls on the steel cable, but the steel cable is strong enough to take it bending the titanium into a parabolic arc. The cable is crimped in two places by silver elements the one holds the titanium arc in place the other holds the two ends of the steel cable together. This shows this difference in the steel cable when it is at rest and when it it’s under strain. This piece combines both my main inspirations bridges and arches

Split continuum

The construction of this ring is similar to the bangle but in this the bands are spread out by crimping them in a silver bar to create more volume. The rings run around threw the tube and out in a different direction then back in again to make a never ending cycle


In this piece I decided that I should not break up the strength of the steel cable by cutting it and the joining it up again. Instead I used one long piece and looped through tube then crimped the end making a never ending loop. The cable is made different lengths so when it hangs on your hand, some cables can hang lower than others

Linear strength

This silver and steel cable chain highlights the strength of the steel cable by laying the steel in the same direction the chain runs. While the chain looks delicate each link can support 18kg because of the inherent strength of steel cable.

V link earrings

These silver and steel cable earrings are cross sections of arches they curve to crate a space. The dyed nylon coating on the outside draws your attention to the steel cable so thin and yet so strong. The chandelier earrings are experimenting with movement

V link chain

This chain is based on the V made at the top of a lancet arch. The steel cable mirrors the arch in its strength the silver is the ground the arch stands on. The arch is strong because of its shape. The steel cable is strong because of the material it is made of. Both these strong lines come together in this piece.

Hour glass chain

I was trying to make a chain with steel cable and silver the inspiration behind it was how hours link onto each other in a never ending chain. The thin strong steel cable holds the past and the present together. Each link is made to resemble an hour glass. I crimped each piece on one after the other as time went by.